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SATA Driver and Slipstreaming Guide

This guide is a follow up to the slipstream guide, which will describe how to locate and download the right sata drivers for slipstream process. (back to slipstream guide)

This Guide for notebook with Intel processor.
Search for f6flpy3286 using search engine (Google) download the files. I cannot give the download link from Intel Since it always removed/change over time so resulting in broken link. So here is an example:

On the picture above, I select the first from the result and extract the downloaded file using winrar. Here is the content in the folder:

For ION or ION LE chipset (HP Mini 311 and Compaq Mini 311c series models) and other Nvidia chipsets. Normally model with Nvidia chipset does not require slipstream to install windows XP. In case you need it here is the download link:
Download sata driver: Download

Remember, everything is license nowadays so in case the link expired/broken just search for:  serial ata

For any AMD model use the same sata driverwhich is:
Complete name: AMD Serial ATA (SATA) Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) Controller Driver

Simple name: AMD SATA AHCI Controller
Version:  3.10.1540.64

HP User you can download it from HP Server: Download 
Extract or Install, ignore if error. If you install it you will get a folder c:\Swsetup\SP39719. In the folder what we need for the slipstream is the RAID7xx folder.


Gustav Rock(CQ42)  - blogger
Vanilla Blue (CQ40/CQ35/Acer) - computer and peripherals maintenance
Rakhmad and CherylG - especially for AMD model - HP support forum
Daniel Potyrala - Compiling the guide - HP support Forum
Amy - User - CQ35 (wasted 15CD and 10 DVD) -  thanks for the great effort
Users that send feedback on original slipstreaming guide here 
Others who email me, test it and send feedback


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